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We keep your accounting entries in the 3 popular systems: e-conomic, Dinero and Billy's Billing - you decide which one to use - these are currently the best performing accounting systems in Denmark, and offers a variety of services depending on requirements. If you have employees we use Danløn and Dataløn (Bluegarden) to calculate the payrolls.

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When you contact us, you will be met by employees that are easy to communicate with. We are used to having english-speaking clients and we are more than happy to repeat information an extra time, understanding that the danish rules can be difficult sometimes. Our response time on emails are short and we answer phones between 8:00 to 17:00 on weekdays.


For all of our clients the price is a key factor. Our normal services cost from 195 DKK to 395 DKK + 25% VAT per hour, depending on what type of work we are conducting. For larger companies we are able to offer fulltime accountants for 15.000 DKK + 25% VAT per month (160 hours per month).


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“I have used Dania Accounting for 5 years now to keep my accounting records and to make payrolls for my employees. They are always fast in replying my mails and feel that I am being prioritized, even though I run a small business.”

Carpenter Frank Andersen


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